Before entering all the separate lessons I will try to give an overview.



Without a global view, the reader might loose track in all the detailed steps. So please take some time to read this chapter.


This tutorial consists of some very different parts: working in Microsoft Word on a document, writing XML and create some basic Visual Basic for Applications macros. 

The end result is this:

We will create a template named 'template.dotx' containing three components:

  • some text
  • content controls to enter and display information
  • an XML to store information for the content controls

The XML stored in the Word template is added from the filesystem using some basic macros (possibly in a Word Add-in).

Your custom XML stored in the Word template is called a 'Custom XML Part'. By linking the content controls to the CustomXMLPart using a macro once, the text entered in the Content Controls is stored in the CustomXMLPart.

The resulting template can be used without any macros! 

At the end of one of the lessons the complete working example can be downloaded.


Now you have a global picture of the steps we will take to create a working template. The next steps will provide detailed information about these steps.


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